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“You’re a what?”

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April 9, 2015

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“I’m an Arborist.” I usually have to say it at least twice when asked what I do for a living. I think the fact that I am a woman is the first thing that throws people. But once I say tree work, then a familiar smile comes across their face and they ask “oh, you climb trees?”

Laura Mele – Certified Arborist

That’s how it usually goes. Then I explain that I used to climb more often, but now my role as a Certified Arborist for ArborTech Tree Services, LLC has me wearing many more hats than a helmet!

Recently, our entire crew attended the annual tree care conference sponsored by TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association). In many ways, it’s a typical, professional conference with a trade show floor, informational sessions and peer networking. In other ways, it’s atypical:

Team ArborTech demonstrating various climbing systems and techniques at an annual tree care conference.

This is a platform where a 30 foot tree was erected to demonstrate various climbing systems and techniques. When I attend these types of conferences I think to myself “Man, I love my profession!”

This brings me to the topic of this blog post: Arboriculture as a profession. The reason most people don’t know what an Arborist is or does is because Arboriculture is a relatively young profession, at least in name. Of course, people have been planting, pruning and removing trees for a long time, but up until the 1920’s and 1930’s, most of the work was unregulated.

The field of Arboriculture has progressed significantly since the days of filling tree cavities with concrete and climbing trees with huge ladders.

The union of scientific research with “tree guy” field experience has created the profession of Arboriculture. It continues to evolve today into a profession of better knowledge, techniques, safety, and ethics.

I completely understand a customer’s reaction when they get a quote from “Cheapscapes Tree Service” for $200 and one from “Credible Tree Service” for $400, for the same work. The customer most often will hire the company with the lowest price.

It is my mission, as a Certified Arborist, to inform the customer, that the more expensive company generally will have more experience, training, certification, and commitment to safety and professional ethics (not to mention, more insurance) than the less expensive company, which most often results in a better service and end result.

Arborists have the skill and knowledge to care for trees, not just cut them down. You wouldn’t go to a dentist who only knows how to pull teeth, would you? Tree Care is an investment but the cost of evaluating, treating and monitoring trees is often less expensive than replacing them due to neglect. Not to mention, replacing a diseased shade or ornamental tree would take years for the new tree to grow similar in size.

The bottom line: Trees Require Professional Tree Care and Arborists are Tree Care Professionals. So, give ArborTech a call to learn more about our Plant Health Care program (PHC) – “Taking Care of Trees from the Roots Up!”

Look for the logos!  Go for the Credentials! Trust the Professionals! For more information, call ArborTech Tree Services, LLC (413) 525-0060 or click here to send us an email.


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