December 12


Common Reasons For Tree Removal

By Randy Sample

December 12, 2019

There are a number of reasons why you might consider removing a tree.  Perhaps you are planning to do renovation on the site where the tree currently exists or you are looking to increase the amount of sunlight that comes into your garden.

Whatever the reason, professional tree removal will ensure that your tree is removed safely and efficiently. Attempting to remove a tree yourself could result in injury to you or damage to your property. 

Diseased or Damaged Trees

It’s often disappointing when a tree dies, especially if it provided shade, was aesthetically pleasing or served as a memorial.  When a tree incurs extensive damage from disease, storms or insects, it is imperative to remove it because its strength is often times compromised. As the tree becomes weaker, it will be less able to withstand the assault of extra weight or storm damage. 

There are a number of diseases in New England that can affect trees such as Dutch Elm Disease, Emerald Ash Borer and Bronze Birch Borer. Not only will tree removal of a diseased tree prevent it from falling and causing damage, but it will also stop the spread of disease to other healthy trees. 


If one or more of your trees has suffered damage due to storms or insects, it is important to have it examined as soon as possible. A certified arborist may be able to suggest alternative methods to removal such as cabling and bracing or insecticide treatments. 

Encroaching Trees

Having problems with a tree that has outgrown its environment?  Remember back to the day when you thought it was the perfect fit for your backyard and now it’s encroaching on your patio, obscuring your favorite view or its roots are growing into your sewer pipe? Trees that are causing issues can be removed or trimmed back significantly.


For safe and efficient tree services, give the team at ArborTech a call at (413) 525-0060 or contact us through our website. 

Randy Sample

About the author

Randy's strong work ethic and love of the outdoors was acquired as a young boy growing up and working on a dairy farm in upstate New York. He spent his summers working with his father in construction.

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