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Can My Tree Benefit From Tree Cabling Services?

By Randy Sample

April 7, 2020

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Trees are natural living things that can grow unpredictably or suffer from damage or growth defects. While many problems can be solved with proper tree trimming, problems with larger trees, such as a split trunk or a large branch that is growing at an awkward or dangerous angle, may need a little extra help to avoid removal. This is where tree cabling comes in.

What is Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling, also known as tree bracing, is the installation of flexible, steel strand cables to stabilize the tree and reduce stress damage from high winds and the heavy weight of snow, ice or foliage.  The cables work to improve the tree’s longevity by strengthening weak branches or limbs so they are able to withstand severe weather.

In What Instances Would My Tree Require Cabling? 


An Open Wound -  an open wound in a branch or trunk can make the tree vulnerable to harmful diseases and fungi


Codominant stems - 2 or more main stems (or "leaders") that are about the same diameter and emerge from the same location on the main trunk. As the tree grows older, the stems remain similar in size without any single one becoming dominant. The junctions between codominant stems can be the weakest part of a healthy tree.   Because of this, these trees pose a higher risk of failure. Multi-stemmed trees are susceptible to breakage under the stress of severe weather. 


Damage Control - To protect your family and property by reducing the chance of limb failure to an otherwise healthy tree.  To preserve the appearance of the tree. If a tree loses a major limb, it could appear lopsided for the rest of its life. 

How Does Tree Cabling Work?

The tree cabling process involves drilling holes in the branches or trunk of the tree. The arborist then inserts a cable through the hole and secures it to keep the connection tight.  You may be concerned that your tree will look unsightly, but in fact cabling is very subtle and in most cases almost unnoticeable. 

Tree Cabling Services You Can Trust

At ArborTech, we offer professional, safe and affordable tree cabling services that will secure and protect the branches or trunk of your tree. If you suspect your tree is affected by any of the problems mentioned above, or you believe your tree to be unsafe for any other reason, call us at (413) 525-0060 or contact us here.

Randy Sample

About the author

Randy's strong work ethic and love of the outdoors was acquired as a young boy growing up and working on a dairy farm in upstate New York. He spent his summers working with his father in construction.

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