April 9


Winter Tree Work

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April 9, 2015

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Let’s face it, folks, summer is over! Beach vacations are behind us, the school schedule has begun and the landscapers are raking leaves like there’s no tomorrow. With all the outdoor summer projects coming to a close, people often forget about the benefits of pruning trees in the winter months. The dormant season is an excellent time to remove trees as well as care for them. ArborTech Tree Services is one of the few companies that work year round. We are a committed group of professional arborists who know that even when the trees aren’t actively growing there is valuable work to be done.

“Is it okay to prune trees in winter?”

Yes! Pruning can be done any time of the year, depending on many factors, namely the species and the objectives or goals of the pruning. Obviously, if a strong wind cracks a large leader, over your house, NOW is a good time to prune. However, even without a storm event, the dormant season provides the pruning Arborist a clean view of the tree’s structure. Any problems are easily identified and enable the arborist to make smart pruning decisions.

What’s good about pruning trees in winter?
  • The ground is frozen, or at least partially frozen, which minimizes any impact to your lawn and gardens.  Your perennials are fast asleep and won’t even notice the activity going on around them.
  • There can be pest management benefits.  Pruning in the dormant season lessens the risk of disease pathogens being spread through pruning cuts. This is also true for some insect populations.
So don’t forget about your trees in the winter, call ArborTech for a free assessment. Our professional evaluation of your landscape’s trees entails short and long term goals and a holistic, year-round approach to caring for your property.  Contact ArborTech today – we’re up in the trees anyway!
Our very own Randy Sample responds to the windy weather this past Sunday that left many trees damaged on WWLP 22 News.  If you have any questions or concerns about trees that could pose a hazard to you or your property to contact Arbortech for a free assesment.


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