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What Should I Consider When Purchasing Firewood?

By clientsite

October 25, 2016

Heating a home with firewood has always been a great alternative to standard fuel sources. As New Englanders, burning firewood is part of our culture; after all we’ve done it for over 350 years!

Over the past couple of years, New England homeowners have benefited from the drop in price for heating oil and gas, however the market price for fossil fuels can be as unpredictable as the weather. Firewood, on the other hand, remains an all-natural, renewable resource for heat which keeps the price competitive and affordable.

When choosing a supplier for your oil or gas the most decisive factor is price, since quality is typically the same (the fuel burns consistently).  When choosing a supplier for firewood, quality (then price) should be the most important factor.  You should take into account the following: cleanliness of wood, length and most importantly moisture content, all of which can severely affect your burning experience.

A reputable firewood supplier keeps their firewood stored away from dirt and mud to limit surface contaminates. All pieces should be a uniform length for a consistent, even burn in your stove. Companies that deliver firewood should be insured and the drivers D.O.T. compliant. Your supplier should also be able to tell you the moisture content of their inventory, which should be 20% or lower for seasoned wood (semi-seasoned wood’s moisture content is between 30-40%, which is too damp for burning).

Burning wood with a high moisture content can cause buildup of creosote in chimneys and pipes which increases the risk of a chimney fire.

With so many factors affecting the quality of firewood, whom should you trust as your firewood supplier? Is it the company waiving the delivery charge or saving you $50 on a cord of wood?

Begin by planning ahead…order your firewood before the cold weather arrives to avoid a price increase or purchasing wood that is not truly seasoned. To keep up with customer demands, some companies sell wood that is set aside for the next burning season. This “seasoned” firewood is difficult to light and tends to sizzle and smoke.

Reputable companies have a consistent price point and let you know when they are sold-out of seasoned firewood, but unfortunately consumers are sometimes taken advantage of when demand exceeds supply.

A true cord of fire wood is four feet wide, four feet tall, and eight feet long. Are you getting a full cord from your supplier?

Quality seasoned firewood is more than just a price point; it’s about the overall buying and burning experience.  Being able to heat your home effortlessly is priceless and doing so at a reasonable price is what ArborTech’s goal is.  We are proud of the firewood that we sell to our clients.  When a load leaves our yard, we are confident that you are getting quality wood at a reasonable price with the best customer service in the area. The firewood that we burn in our homes comes from the same piles that we sell to our customers. There’s no private stock here at ArborTech; just quality, truly seasoned firewood that will keep you and your family warm this winter.  Happy burning!


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