September 29


Storm-Damaged Trees – Take Caution!

By Randy Sample

September 29, 2019

In the aftermath of a big storm, opening the curtains to survey the damage can be an overwhelming experience. Your initial reaction is to get outside and clean up the mess, but take caution!  Before stepping out, look for fallen power lines/cables and survey your trees for hanging branches or ones that look broken. Only proceed if you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so. If in doubt, call us!

Give Your Tree(s) the Best Chance of Survival

Properly assessing the damage following a storm could make all the difference for your trees.  Hasty decisions may result in a tree being removed unnecessarily. 

First-Aid Following a Storm

There are a number of simple, first aid steps you can administer yourself or arrange with a professional to give your trees the best chance of survival. 

Safety first!

  • Call the Electric & or Cable Companies - Notify them of the fallen wires/cables and wait until they give the go-sign before proceeding with clean up efforts

  • Remove/Prune Broken Branches - Properly prune or remove branches to help prevent the risk of decay agents getting into the open wounds. Make sure the cuts are made in the right place and are “clean”.
  • Remove Torn Bark - Carefully remove loose or torn bark with a sharp knife to eliminate hiding places for insects and improve the appearance of your tree. Be careful not to expose the green inner bark (cambium) as these fragile layers carry the tree’s water and food between roots and leaves.
  • Call An Expert - If in doubt, call ArborTech out! We are insured and have the experience and equipment necessary to take care of your storm damaged trees. Call us at (413) 525-0060 or contact us today

Randy Sample

About the author

Randy's strong work ethic and love of the outdoors was acquired as a young boy growing up and working on a dairy farm in upstate New York. He spent his summers working with his father in construction.

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