Enhance Your Outdoor Landscape

We offer a variety of mulch products for your landscaping needs.

Whether you are starting a new landscape project, or adding a fresh layer to an established flower bed, we have the mulch for you. We carry mulch in bulk and have expanded our inventory to include many varieties of bagged mulch and soil for your gardening needs.

Mulch Benefits

Mulching your gardens offers many benefits.

  • Conserves Moisture – This reduces the need to water plants frequently
  • Keeps weeds down – Mulch blocks the growth of weeds and access to sunlight
  • Curb Appeal – Colored mulches do a great job of enhancing your home and flower gardens.
  • Improves Soil – As mulch decomposes it enriches the soil

Bulk Mulch and Landscape Products

Color Enhanced Brown Pine - $39

Environmentally Safe, Pet Friendly

Color Enhanced Red Pine - $39

Environmentally Safe, Pet Friendly

Color Enhanced Black Pine - $39

Environmentally Safe, Pet Friendly

Screened Loam- $26

Forest Blend - $27

All Natural, Brown

Bagged Mulch

Direct from Connecticut Organics

Price is Per Bag

Hemlock Bark Mulch - $5.99

(Premium Product)
Known for its rich mahogany color created by a 9-month aging process, it is sought after for both residential and commercial properties because of its longevity and color on the landscape.

Natural Cedar Mulch - $5.49

(100% Northern Cedar, all natural with no dyes)
This mulch is aged upwards of 6 months. This allows for deep rich color that lasts longer in the landscape.

Fragrant Pine/Spruce Bark - $5.49

(Premium Product)
A blend of pine and spruce bark that is aged to bring out the natural aroma. It has a deep brown color.

Color Enhanced Brown - $4.49

(Blend of soft and hardwood color enhanced brown)
This is our #1 selling color enhanced mulch. The long lasting rich, dark brown color continues to impress customers.

Color Enhanced Red- $4.49

(Blend of soft and hardwood color enhanced red)
This mulch is enhanced to a nice medium red color.

Color Enhanced Black- $4.49

(Blend of soft and hardwood color enhanced black)
This mulch is enhanced with a midnight black finish. It is specially aged to insure the longevity of the color.

Playground Surfacing - $5.99

(IPEMA Certified)

Perfect for playgrounds, walking paths and erosion control

Forest Blend - $3.99

(Dark, aged, rich mulch composted mix of softwood and hardwood chips ground)

Premium Top Soil - $3.99

(Organic soil screened to ½” – Dark and Rich in color)
Perfect for new installs, hydroseeding and topdressing

Premium Compost - $4.99

(Leaves composted over a 1-year period and screed to ½’)
Increases water holding capacity. Decreases Fertilizer dependency. Improves overall soil structure.

Mulch Calculator

Pick Up and Delivery Available

PICK UP – Hours: Monday – Friday 7 - 3 

  • Customers are welcome to come with their dump trucks or trailers to pick up materials.
  • We Cannot load Pickup Trucks
  • For pick up, we sell our bulk material in ½ and full yard quantities.
  • We also sell many varieties of bagged mulch.
  • There are limited times that we may not have someone in the yard to load you.  Please call 413-525-0060 ext. 1 and we can let you know the best time to come.


  • Mulch - There is a 2-yard minimum and maximum of 10 yards for each truck load.
  • Loam - There is a 2-yard minimum and maximum of 5 yards for each truck load.
  • We deliver product to the driveway only.
  • We cannot deliver 2 different products in one load.
  • When ordering, please describe exactly where on your driveway you would like the product dumped.
  • Please look at your driveway from the street when describing left or right.
  • Whenever possible, please leave a marker such as a cone or tarp.
  • Larger deliveries may block driveway access or spill off the driveway.
  • Our trucks may not fit into some designated areas; the driver will make the final decision.
  • Low overhead wires and tree branches may affect the delivery area. Safety is our primary concern.

Delivery Charges

  • Springfield, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow  -  $40
  • Agawam, Feeding Hills, Hampden, Ludlow, West Springfield, Wilbraham.  - $60

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