Seasoned Firewood

We are sold out for the season.

ArborTech Tree Services has exceptional seasoned firewood for your woodstove, fireplace or outdoor fire pit. You will receive a mix of New England hardwoods in your order. Our screening process takes place 2 times. Once when we split and once before we deliver it to you. When a load leaves our yard, we are confident that you are getting quality wood at a reasonable price, with the best customer service in the area. The firewood that we all burn in our homes comes from the same piles that we sell to our customers.

Green Firewood

We also sell“green” (not seasoned) firewood. This is a great option if you would like to save money. We can split to any length you choose. Please call 413-525-0060 for information on availability.

“The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as another.  It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness”

Henry David Thoreau

Firewood Facts

  • We have 2 sizes of firewood available. Our standard size is 16-18".  We also have a very limited supply of seasoned 14-16" (this does sell out quickly).
  • For delivery Our firewood is for sale in ½ and full cord quantities.
  • Depending on your location there may be a minimum order for delivery.
  • Our trucks hold 2 cords of firewood
  • We do not stack the firewood
  • 1 cord of firewood measures 4ft x 4ft x 8ft stacked equally to equal 128 cubic ft. (if you lay a sheet of plywood down  and stack 4ft high covering the entire sheet of plywood this would equal 1 cord.
  • We also sell green, log-length wood. There are approximately 6-7 cords in a log-length delivery. Logs are delivered as is and left in a pile. The customer is responsible for cutting/splitting logs themselves. (Call for pricing)

Firewood Prices


(delivery not included)

Please call the office at 413-525-0060 ext 1 to place an order


1 Cord 16-18”  $300.00 

1/2 Cord 16-18”  $200.00 

1 Cord 14-16”  $325.00 

1/2 Cord 14-16”  $225.00 


Perfect to stock up on 1 year in advance so that you have seasoned wood every year.

1 Cord 16-18”  $245.00

(Minimum order - 1 cord)

(Custom sizes available for an additional charge)


  • We deliver firewood to the driveway only.
  • When ordering please describe exactly where on your driveway you would like the product dumped.
  • Please look at your driveway from the street when describing left or right.
  • Whenever possible please leave a marker such as a cone or tarp.
  • Larger deliveries may block driveway access or spill off the driveway.
  • Our trucks may not fit into some designated areas; the driver will make the final decision.
  • Low overhead wires and tree branches may affect the delivery area.  Safety is our primary concern.

Delivery Charges

  • Springfield, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow  -  $40
  • Agawam, Feeding Hills, Hampden, Ludlow, Somers, CT, West Springfield, Wilbraham.  - $60
  • Chicopee, Enfield CT, Holyoke, Suffield CT - $75  (1 Cord minimum for delivery)

What our clients say...

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I am absolutely thrilled!

I have been buying firewood for the past 10 years for our wood stove. This is the first time I bought it from Arbor Tech and I am absolutely thrilled! Normally, I get wood from vendors on Craigslist. I’ve had many problems with being shorted, too many pieces cut too short or too long, wood cut all the same thickness, excessive amounts of debris, wood not seasoned as much as I was told and most of the wood being round (from branches). The delivery I just received from Arbor Tech was none of that. The driver was friendly, courteous and professional. I could tell as soon as it was hitting our driveway that it was good quality and well-seasoned. As I stacked it, I continued to be impressed with the beautifully cut hardwoods, cut from the trunk not branches. There was a variety of thicknesses and the perfect amount of small pieces for kindling, too. It was also a generous amount of wood! I know this wood will make many warm and cozy fires this winter. I will never again by my firewood from craigslist sellers and will be a long time customer of Arbor Tech. Highly recommended!

Michael Leahan , Homeowner

I have worked with Arbortech a few times, and will not use anyone else for tree removal or firewood. Everyone from the office staff to cutting crews are professional and friendly. The job is always clean when complete. This company is a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely recommend!

Anthony Racco

Quick and Timely

Quick timely delivery of my firewood.

Jeff Rintoul , Homeowner